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Indica Org. Chem India Private Limited
A family-owned company committed to the highest quality of products for our customer’s well-being, Indica Org Chem has long been a leader in the community and within the Professional Beauty Industry. Quite simply, we are dedicated to excellence.
Nail Polish
Corporate Philosophy

We are one of the leading Nail Polish companies in India offering quality cosmetics that will indeed bowl you over. When looking for the finest range, you can trust us as we are indeed Nail Polish manufacturers India that offer not only the finest collection but even the most amazing quality that you can indeed benefit from on a regular basis.

Beauty Industry in India is dedicated to produce a wide range of nail polish that are of excellent quality and trendy. Nail Polish Companies strive to follow international trends in fashion to satisfy the demands of customers that zealously buy the latest in beauty industry.

Under Professional Eyes

Professional nail care industry aligns with research and innovative techniques and incorporates the latest breakthroughs in beauty research. Every product is sold by trained and well informed beauty professionals only and has important details like batch numbers, instructions and ingredients mentioned on the product.

Driven to Set a Benchmark

Quality of color lacquers is nothing but the best and environment friendly. Nail Polish Companies are driven by the vision to set a benchmark in the global markets and offer safe products only. Remarkable business strategies include listening and responding to their employees and end customers, appreciating the contribution of all employees and suppliers and rewarding them for their notable performance.  

Nail Polish Company We will constantly listen and respond to our Employee and End Customers.
Bullet1 All our products and processes will be aligned to meet the end customer needs..
Product-11 We will constantly improve the quality of our products and services. .
Product We will be a lean and flexible organization that quickly and correctly responds to business opportunities..
Product1 All our employees, suppliers and channel partners must make a measurable, positive contribution towards the success of our business..
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